Women's Siddur - Ohel Sarah - Ashkenaz - Pocket Size - Rosedale Sienna

Women's Siddur - Ohel Sarah - Ashkenaz - Pocket Size - Rosedale Sienna

Nussach Ashkenaz

Autor: Rabbi Dovid Weinberger
ISBN(s): 1422600327
Artikelnummer: 999800002234
Sprache: Hebrew/English
Verlag: Artscroll/Mesorah
Gebundene Ausgabe
1078 Seiten

A Siddur is a prayer book. It contains texts that were compiled by special people who knew the language of the soul. This Siddur is unique in that it especially caters to the needs of a woman’s soul. This is the Siddur Ohel Sarah.


Apart from the Tefillot (prayers) for every day, Shabbos, Festivals and High Holidays it also contains the following:


Candle lighting

Separating Challa

Prayers for Shidduchim (finding the right life partner)

Prayers for the wedding day

Prayers for pregnancy and child birth

Prayers for raising children


It also contains the whole book of Tehillim (the Psalms) in an easy-to-read font.


The integrated Halachic sections and instructions for women and women's Halachic guidelines for Shabbos and Yom Tov are easy to understand and instructive.


The Siddur is an ArtScroll siddur, which means that it has a very user friendly layout and a modern English translation - but true to the original text.


It can be the perfect gift for a Bas Mitzvah, Kallah or graduation. It is printed on acid-free paper that will not yellow. Side-sewn and ultra-reinforced for generations of use.


Truly a women's siddur!


Available in the colour “Rosedale Sienna”.


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