Books&Bagels - the chosen bookshop!

Honestly, though - we might be the chosen people, but we are still working on becoming the most chosen bookshop...


But - we have much to offer, especially if you are interested in German Jewish books or want to avoid high transportation costs of books from outside Europe. You’ll also find many Hebrew and English Jewish books here in our shop.


Start with an Introduction to Judaism and continue with the Chumash, the authentic Jewish Bible, and Talmud, Gemara. Expose yourself to Jewish Mysticism, Chassidism and Kabbala, opening up the inner soul of Judaism. Add a Siddur, a prayer book, for weekdays, Shabbat and Jewish Festivals, with or without translations, and you are good to go.


Books on Jewish history, Hebrew learning books and a travel guide on Israel might also come in handy. We have many Jewish Children’s books, mostly in German and English, and for different age groups.


And religious Items? Yes, sure! We have Shabbat Candle Sticks, Kiddush Cups, Havdalah Sets, Challah Boards, Kippot to cover your head and that Mezuzah for your doorpost! And things like Tzizit, Talit, a Jewish Prayer Shawl (and no fringe Mitzvah!) can bring you home!


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